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The Munchkin cats at Munchkin Kitten Home Cattery are fed a balanced diet that includes fresh, whole foods, premium brands including Wellness Brand wet food, Orijen Kitten and Royal Canin “Mother & Baby Munchkin cats” dry food, grilled chicken, farm-fresh quail eggs, salmon, and more. Both Munchkin kittens for sale and adult cats require high-quality nourishment as they mature. As a result, we think it’s critical to feed our pregnant cats and the Munchkin Cats they give birth to with a healthy diet. Additionally, we take our time weaning our kittens from their mothers. They are never alone because they never spend time apart from her.

We place a high value on exposing children to a variety of social situations early on. Up until the moment my munchkin cats leave for their permanent homes, the kittens are cared for as cherished members of the family.

Before they go home with their new families, My Munchkins kitten, Kittens are taught to use litter boxes and scratching posts. Our goal is to exclusively find permanent homes for kittens who are healthy, content, and socially adjusted. A carrier, a blanket, and TICA documentation confirming the cat’s status as a registered pet are included with every Munchkin Cat purchase. They will be microchipped, spayed or neutered, and have received all required vaccinations by the time they are 12 to 14 weeks old. MORE INFORMATION ABOUT MUNCHKIN CATS

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